uDEZIGNit Business Solutions

Turning Ordinary PDFs into Extraordinary page-turning presentations

We specialise in turning your off-line brochures into page turning online brochures, to save you print and distribution costs.
We use the most realistic 3-D page turning technology on the planet, with a level of dynamic realism unmatched by other page-turning providers at a fraction of the cost. It gives end users the life-like experience they prefer.

From simple 2-3 page newsletters to full on brochures and magazines we can convert and host them from your simple PDFs. uDEZIGNit also offer a full design service so that we can create and design your brochure or manual in house.
Flip-book example

Saving Money
Companies often find they spend a lot of money on printing costs, well with a one off cost, from as little as £45 you can have an online version that you can send out to customers time and time again. Often companies find details change prices get updated, with our uBOOKit solution you can update just a single page from as little as £5. No need to go throw away the whole thing and start again.

Intuitive Page Turning
Our interface is clean and simple, to work with the document rather than clutter the page with confusing icons.
Intuitive navigation and controls allow you to move easily though any publication, the realistic page turning just enhances the viewing and reading experience
Flip-book page turning example

Take a look at a live brochure we designed and created