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Its all about the Maketing

 4 P's of Marketing, is the combination of product, price, place (distribution), and promotion

Marketing and Brand

In difficult economic climates marketing is often the first function to be hit, budgets are cut and resource is rationalised. This can help a company get through tough times, but is unlikely to be a sustainable position. No matter what the scale of your project, uDEZIGNit will work relentlessly to deliver your work on time and to budget.

What happens when:
 the sales pipeline starts to dry up? 
 the market starts to pick up? 
 customers have forgotten who you are? 
 you need to launch a new product?

How can you: 
 turn marketing on again, quickly and cost effectively? 
 provide cover, when you’re one or two marketing staff down? 
 manage peaks, when projects just keep coming?

Marketing has more than its fair share of acronyms and buzz words which, in many cases, have taken on a life of their own. Branding is one of these: much talked about but little understood.

There are many valid definitions of branding, but for the purposes of this site lets go with: a brand is the result of the expectations created in audience's minds through experience.

The key points in this definition are that:

  • For audiences, read customers, potential customers, investors, press, employees - in other words everyone who comes into contact with your company. brands exist only in the minds of the audience.
  • Brands are created by an individual's experiences of a company  through its products, services and communications.
  • There are hundreds of "moments of truth" everyday, when people come into contact with your company either directly or indirectly: each one is an opportunity to delight or disappoint.

Brands are therefore proved and deduced through a company's actions, not just declared in an advertising campaign.
Brands exist by default, but strong brands are built.
A company can't choose not to have a brand; you can't stop people forming an opinion of your company based on their experiences.
So the challenge is to set & control the brand in such a way that the perceptions formed as a result of a company's actions differentiate it from its competitors.
There are many benefits of having a strong brand: a strong brand provides a valuable differentiator over competitors, it can enable premium pricing and the visual/verbal symbols act as fast, efficient communicators.
In our increasingly competitive world, people buy brands, not products.
Whether you are looking to establish a new company (and therefore brand) or are looking to change your brand to support changing business needs, uDEZIGNit can help you with the process from initial planning to full scale implementation.