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Its all about the Maketing

 4 P's of Marketing, is the combination of product, price, place (distribution), and promotion

Corporate identity, what’s in a Logo?

Corporate identity is an essential element of effective branding. A strong company, product, or service identity acts as a useful point of recognition for customers and becomes shorthand for a company's brand values.

There is, therefore, a great deal more to corporate identity than a well designed logo.
An effective corporate identity system defines and pulls together all of the constituent parts (e.g. logo, typeface, colours, tone of voice, etc.) into a cohesive set of deliverables from letterheads and business cards to product design and website.

uDEZIGNit has experience of creating new company and product identities as well as evolving and improving existing identity systems. We will devise the processes to ensure consistent implementation across your whole organisation and can produce useful support tools, such as easy to use guidelines and templates for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint applications to online brand guideline solutions.