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What is Social Media?

Social Media is best understood as a group of new channels to communicate to the right targeted audience. Most often companies fear the possibilities that Social Media can bring, this is the fear of the unknown or you too often hear it's not important to my company's brand, doesn't have any impact and the best of all, no real exposure. With the right tools, support and management Social Media can work for any company but it's about understanding what channels will do the job.

Social Media Support

Social Media Channel Examples

With so many different social media sites available, over 400 actively used, it is important to pick the key ones for your business and product. It is then key to make sure your channel or page stands out and fits your 'brand'.

YouTube channel skins uDEZIGNit can create bespoke YouTube channel Themes and Skins from as little as £99. and to start your channel off we are able to create Teaser Trailers, sharing a story though pictures and video

Facebook Business Page Setting you up with a external business url and branding the page from skyscraper banners to custom welcome tabs

Tweeting on Twitter From using hash tags to background templates uDEZIGNit can guide you to using these tools to build trust and your brand.

blogs and blogging Whether it's a profile on wordpress.com or installing a copy to your website we can setup themes that will fit your brand and corporate identity, to help you start blogging and sharing.

This is only a sample of where people are hanging about on the Social Networking scene and how you can make Social Media Marketing fit your brand and consumers and become key to your business.

The Digital Revolution

This year the digital revolution is upon us, companies can no longer ignore Social Media and the impact it can have, we have to look at key areas and what would work for a company on a one to one basis.
One of the main questions is how does any of this work for a company, We look to proactive companies that are already seen in the market place under the new banner of Social Media, KPMG, Ernst and Young, Smirnoff, Marmite, Coke and even Starbucks.

Starbucks wanted to reach their consumer in a way they could interact, support the group, love or hate the brand, but overall it ended up with the ability to be able to speak to over 7,002,322 people that expressed a keen interest in the brand.
Social Media encourages contributions and feedback from everyone that is genuinely interested in your product, brand and information supplied.