uDEZIGNit Business Solutions

Website Design and Creation

The team has completed more than 100 Web engagements and has partnered with companies to develop integrated Web solutions designed to meet both short and long term goals and objectives.

uDEZIGNit is unique in its ability to effectively address and integrate the following components in order to develop and deploy powerful initiatives and strategies:

Ensuring brand integrity and support.
User interface design
Creating a clear, dynamic and memorable Web environment.
User experience/information architecture
Ensuring usability throughout a site.
System design & development
Designing and building the appropriate system environment for all tiers of the web property.
Allowing for site growth and development.
Site maintenance
Responding to company resource issues and growth strategy.
Strategic planning
Developing a site that meets short- term goals while paving the way to meet long-term goals.
Technology strategy
Identifying the right solution set.
Application design & development
Developing custom applications to perform various strategic functions, and integrating or customizing any third-party applications that are deemed necessary.
Tactical Services
Effective web planning and design is discussed on the Internet and Intranet page in the strategic services section of our website.
Social Media, blogs and online applications.

Our tactical services include short term projects, where maybe one two web pages are needed to support a specific online marketing campaign.
Or perhaps an online newsletter, HTML email or banner ad is required.

Through it's experienced network of consultants, uDEZIGNit can design and produce virtually any web-based modules and marketing materials you can think of, and probably several you can't!